We Like to Have Fun in My Family – Oskar Ibru

The scion of the Ibru family, Oskar, speaks on his sister, Elvina Ibru’s, achievments in Nollywood and more….

Elvina and Oskar Ibru
Elvina and Oskar Ibru

The Scion of the Ibru family, Oskar Ibru, took a day out to celebrate his sister, Elvina Ibru’s latest achievement in Nollywood. The actress who stunned in her peerless character in ‘Bling Lagosians’ hosted members of her family recently to a private screening of the film. Oskar in a chat with The Interview expressed pride over her sister’s performance in the film.

How do you feel about you sister’s performance in the film?

I’m so pleased, happy and proud of her. The family has not wasted any money. Let’s put it that way (laughs)

Is it right to say that the Ibrus are part of the one per cent of the one per cent of elite Nigerians?

I’m afraid I have to say yes.

We all grew up in a creative space. My own mother has six of us. My brother Peter for example plays seven instruments

How did you come to that conclusion?

My father brought in frozen fish to reduce malnutrition in children in the early 60s and he succeeded in doing that very well. Then, the price of beef was so high. He’s done that and because of that, he had more and the family has been brought up accordingly. So, it’s due to my father really that we are a success.

With Elvina’s peerless act, are we going to see a generation of Ibru becoming actors in the future?

We all grew up in a creative space. My own mother has six of us. My brother Peter for example plays seven instruments.

I drum and sing. Apart from Peter who is best in music and Elvina best in acting, there is also the rest of us. Gloria sings too.

Obukeme sings but she is not a showgirl. I am a show boy. I’m always the leader. We all have different attributes of the arts. And like a family, we like to have fun. My mother was a fun lady.

Today I’m very proud of my sister.

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