Nollywood Needs More Stories Like ‘Bling Lagosians’ – Sharon Ooja

Nollywood actress, Sharon Ooja, shares her experiences on the ‘Bling Lagosians’ set…

Nigerian actress, Sharon Ooja
Nigerian actress, Sharon Ooja

Sharon Ooja was one of the young stars that featured in Bolanle Austen-Peters feature film directorial debut, ‘Bling Lagosians’. She played Tokunbo Holloway, one of the daughters of the famous Akin Holloway. The Interview caught up with her at a private screening of the film hosted by the Sahara Group.

How would you describe Bolanle Austen-Peters on set?

She is such a breath of fresh air to work with compared to a lot of directors. She was easy to work with. She lets us have our way. Before we shoot a scene, she will ask of our opinions and what we want from the film. I’m grateful for the opportunity she gave to young actors like me.

You had such a great chemistry with Alex Ekubo. Some of your dialogues were very comical. Were you often tempted to laugh during shooting? What were the highpoints working with him?

I must say I was tempted to laugh on more than one occasion. He is an amazing actor. He wasn’t hard. Every scene was easy. We didn’t have more than two retakes and that was mainly for close-ups.

Your role touches on some of the dynamics of storytelling in Nollywood. What direction do you foresee Nollywood taking in the future?

This is definitely a start for Nollywood. For movies like this that have strong moral themes, they are good for Nollywood. I hope everyone picks up this pattern.

So where does the one per cent of the one per cent of Lagos in your own estimation reside?


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