No Structure Yet In The Music Industry – Tuface

Innocent (TuFace) Idibia who recently celebrated 20 years in the Nigerian music industry briefly shares his thoughts of the industry with The Interview.

Nigerian Afro pop King, Innocent (Tuface) Idibia / Photo Credit: Kelechi Amadi-Obi
Nigerian Afro pop King, Innocent (Tuface) Idibia / Photo Credit: Kelechi Amadi-Obi

Do you have a birthday tradition?

I don’t even remember my birthday. In fact, it was just yesterday that someone reminded me of my birthday.

What has been the instructive lesson for you in your music career?

The biggest lesson I have learnt is that people come and go, so don’t look down on anybody.

Where do you see the music industry in the future?

We are taking over the world. Nigerian music is taking over. The spotlight is on us now. It’s going to be massive in 20 years’ time. Our music is very groovy, rich and very fresh. It will keep exploding.

Are you impressed with the structure in the music industry today?

We don’t have a structure yet. Our quality of music has no doubt improved. We have all kinds of music today but somehow the ears of the younger masses are tuned to more groovy music.

But we still have more brilliant artistes that are doing good music. So the gatekeepers, the radio stations and the labels have to put things in place. The promoters have to promote good quality music.

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