10 Things Nigerian Voters Should Know

As we count down to the February/March general elections, here are some vitals to take along as an eligible Nigerian voter…

The presidential and governorship elections will on hold on February 16 and March 2, 2019 respectively / Photo credit:
The presidential and governorship elections will on hold on February 16 and March 2, 2019 respectively / Photo credit:

My mother is sick, but registered. Can I vote for her?
No, there is no voting proxy.

What do I need to present to exercise my franchise?
A validly issued voter’s card

Here is my voter’s card, duly registered in Lagos. But I want to be involved in electing my governor in my home state of Benue. Can I be stopped from being accredited for election?
Registered voters are only permitted by law to vote at polling stations where they were registered and their names displayed.
What does accreditation entail?
All persons wishing to vote must have their names on the register of voters. The Poll Official in-charge must certify this before being allowed to vote. Electors have to be accredited prior to voting.

Why Accreditation?
It has been designed to restrict unauthorized movement. It will be simultaneous across the country. It is also to prevent multiple voting.

I am not eligible to vote. Can I not move around because voting is going on?
In order to avoid election irregularities such as multiple voting, snatching and stuffing of ballot boxes, molestation of Poll Officials, people are advised to avoid movement before the end of voting on Election Day. There are exceptions to this rule.

Can I vote if my voter’s card is mutilated or torn?
You may still vote after the Poll Official has verified that your name is in the register of voters. But keep good custody of your voter’s card.

What are the qualifications for me to cast my vote?
You Must:
i) Be registered at the polling station where you want to cast your vote;
ii) Have your temporary or permanent voter’s card;
iii) Present yourself to presiding Officer at the polling station;
iv) Follow the directives of the Poll officials in an orderly manner
Can I canvass for votes for my candidate(s) in a polling station on the day of election?

8. How do I vote at the polling station?
The thumb-printing of ballot paper by voters must be done in secret while depositing the ballot(s) in the box should be done in open view of all present.

Who are the stakeholders in an Election Day process?
The following people shall be allowed full access to the polling station:
i) Voters
ii) INEC Officials on election duty
iii) Security Agents
iv) Candidates and accredited Polling/Party agents
v) Accredited journalists
vi) Accredited Domestic and international Observers

I am poor and people told me that my voter’s card can fetch me some money. Is it legal to do that?
No. it is absolutely illegal to do that. It is punishable on conviction by imprisonment not exceeding 2 years or a fine not exceeding 200,000 naira or both.

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