Know Your Candidate: Tope Fasua - ANRP

All you need to know about Tope Fasua, the Presidential candidate of Abundant Nigeria Renewal Party (ANRP) for the 2019 Nigeria Elections

Tope Fasua
Tope Fasua

Tope Fasua - Abundant Nigeria Renewal Party (ANRP)

Date of Birth: 11 September 1971


  • B.Sc Economics, Ondo State University, 1991
  • ICAN ACA, 1996
  • Master’s in Financial Markets and Derivatives, London Metropolitan University, 2006
  • Worked at Citizens Bank, Standard Trust Bank and Equitorial Trust Bank
  • Founded Global Analytics Consultancy, 2006

Policy positions


 He believes VAT should be kept at five per cent  but compliance enforced through the CAC-FIRS-Banks cooperation. Company Income Taxes should be reduced slightly to encourage employment.   


He believes in the enforcement of the constitution as regards out-of-school children. The 1999 constitution recommends prosecution and a hail term for parents who disallow their children from basic education but leaders have refused to enforce this for selfish, cultural or religious reasons.


He believes the environment is closely tied with the health sector and where Nigeria must start from is the tidying up of the environment in order to reduce public health bill. He believes students in heath related courses in our tertiary institutions should be encouraged to get involved at primary health centers at least to help out and again experience. And they should be paid. 


He believes in the deployment of commonsense and technology to prevent corruption but also decisive prosecution of corrupt people in the public and private sectors to set the right examples. He believes leaders must first live by example and declare their assets OPENLY for any dent to be made on corruption. 

He wants to intensify recruitment of more police officers, and plans to stop the use of police officers as private bodyguards.


He has a strategic plan for every sector of the economy which he has been campaigning on.


He lacks experience in politics and governance as well as the needed political structure to market himself across the country.

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