Know Your Candidate: Adesina Fagbenro - KOWA

All you need to know about Adesina Fagbenro, the presidential candidate of KOWA Party for the 2019 Nigeria elections

Adeshina Fagbenro / Photo credit:
Adeshina Fagbenro / Photo credit:

Adesina Fagbenro, KOWA Party

Date of Birth
June 5, 1959
B,Sc Economics, LL.B, Masters in Information Science, University of Ibadan
Nigerian Law School, Lagos, 1989
Governance Adviser, DFID, U.K

Policy Positions:
Under his plan, states will be empowered to manage their own security architecture.
He plans a Special Revolving Fund to finance startups in partnership with the private sector.
With zero tolerance for illiteracy, every child under the age of 18, he says, will have to be in school.
Health is one of the five pillars that make up his agenda.
He has experience in policy formulation
He is not a known politician.

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