Fire Disguised

Hafsat Abiola-Costello hardly strikes you as a firebrand. Her slender frame disguises her steely backbone but when she gets going she captures the listener in her compelling eloquence.

You may forget that you met her, but her words stick. In this edition you would not only hear her speak, you would hear her say things that she probably hasn’t said before about a life of struggle that thrust itself upon her at the age of 22.

If Hafsat’s life was a book, this interview would be the critical chapters.

We also got the Chairman of the R-APC, Buba Galadima, in an interview that reads like a boxing match. His target was not only President Muhammadu Buhari and the APC leadership, he landed a few blows on the interview as well!

The First Lady of Kaduna State, Hajiya Hadiza El-Rufai, also talked to us about her passion and her role as wife, mother, first lady and professional.

In this edition, one of the most high-profile entrepreneurs in Abuja, Dr. Samiah Oyekan-Ahmed of Gift Source, tells us how faith and passion have shaped her life.

It’s another must read.


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