Jailbird and his Jezebel

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When a former gomina graduated from Oyinbo jail recently, his clansmen did all they could to give him soft-landing at home on return. Trust the “guy man” himself, he has been acting up the script, telling anyone who cares to listen that  “na condition cause am”. Even when the blind could see and the deaf hear the evidence, our friend insists he did not steal a dime, contrary to the impression created by “enemies of progress”.
But that is just one leg of the matter. While he was serving time in Oyinbo land, there were few thoughts that gave our friend sleepless nights. One of these, we gathered, was the incessant report of the escapades of his long list of concubines and mistresses. Well, that is human, you would say.
A smooth operator before he ran into trouble, our friend was not only generous with his wallet on the daughters of Eve, he also sowed his wild oats far and wide on the pretext of looking for a male child; his official madam only bore him girls.
So, while he was behind bars, it was only natural that he was constantly tormented by the thoughts of what opportunistic “trespassers” would be doing to his multiple farms.
One case particularly pained our friend the most, we gathered. The “opeke” in question happened to be one of his favourites. Actually, he decided to upgrade her from a “runs girl” after, we gathered, an explosive “one-night stand”.
In fact, she was one of those “fortunate” enough to be his baby-mamas (mothers of his children but not considered suitable for marriage). Of course, our friend showered her with attention and “kudi”.
But it took the jailing of our friend for the true character of this Jezebel to show. Once he was thrown into prison, she only lay low for a while. Along the line, she concluded that our friend would not come out alive or return to Naija again for that matter.
So, since body is no be firewood, she began to “enjoy” herself, sharing her honeypot around to younger studs that caught her fancy. Before long, word reached our friend behind bars.
Contrary to her projection, our friend successfully completed his term and returned home to a hero’s welcome organized by his bootlickers.
Since then, this Jezebel has withdrawn from circulation, unsure of what punishment her old lover would mete out to her.
The story is not ended. We shall keep you posted.

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