“I Can Only Control My Personal Guards,” Tinubu Denies Ordering Shooting Of #EndSARS Lekki Protesters

“I will never be part of any carnage. The use of live ammunition is condemnable in totality.

Bola Ahmed Tinubu / Photo credit: thecable.ng
Bola Ahmed Tinubu / Photo credit: thecable.ng

Former governor of Lagos, Bola Tinubu has condemned the Tuesday night shooting of protesters at the Lekki Toll Gate by soldiers of the Nigerian Army.

In a telephone interview with Channels Television that has gone viral on the social media, Tinubu expressed shock at the shooting, saying he had a history of being an activist, a protester.

He said, “I released a statement appealing to the conscience of all Nigerians, all the protesters as well. And I sided with them that what they are doing is right.

“They have a right to free speech, freedom of association and freedom to complain. I have done it before, and that they shouls6please call off the protests.”

He said, “Suddenly, I received a call that army, Nigerian soldiers, had attacked the protesters. I was shocked. In the process of all these enquiries, I started picking numbers.

“Usually, if I don’t have your name, i won’t pick your number, unless you come through my P.A.”

Tinubu also denied any insinuation he ordered the attack, saying, “I will never be part of any carnage. The use of live ammunition is condemnable in totality.

“There is a limitation here, I can only control my personal security guards,”

He said, “It is early hours of the morning, there’s no way I can talk to the authorities or wake them up now. I have tried to reach the NSA, I have tried to reach the head of the army.

“You don’t call the president at this hour, but I strongly condemn the act. There are other means of settling or dispersing protest. Why would they use live bullets? There are rubber bullets.”

“I am not even sure yet they are Nigerian army, I am not sure how well the uniforms of the army are controlled. But that is not as critical as the bloodshed that has occurred,” he said.

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