How Much His Excellency Paid For Tickets

Read about a Northern Nigerian governor’s desperate bid for the Senate and the billions of naira that have been sacrificed for it so far…

Interview Confidential: brings you stories behind the news
Interview Confidential: brings you stories behind the news

Interview Confidential has just learnt that a governor in a troubled northern state whose prospects of advancing his political career appear to have hit the rocks spent about N40billion for his ticket and that of his protegee who ran for the office of governor.

His Excellency was overheard telling someone that those who are bent on scuttling his ambition are joking, promising to fight “tooth-and-nail” to realise his ambition in light of an extant judicial barrier.

We gathered that what has made the governor madder was that apart from the N40bn he spent for both his ticket and that of his protegee, he also spent another $13m on the judiciary and $200,000 for a marabout who said he envisioned him sitting in the Red Chambers!

Some miseries are so private you want to bear them alone – but the sheer cost of this one, not to mention the damage to His Excellency’s ego, is so huge, it’s difficult to bear!

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