VC’s Email Rage Kicks Up Storm Of Silence

When a vice-chancellor’s email raises more questions than answers…

Interview Confidential: brings you stories behind the news
Interview Confidential: brings you stories behind the news

An email purportedly by the Vice Chancellor of the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN), Professor Abdalla Uba Adamu, has kicked up a storm of silence for its ferocity and unconventional language. The seven-paragraph email, replete with obscenities, was believed to have been circulated among a restricted group in the school in November.

Entitled, “From the VC’s desk,” part of the message reads: “TMA3 (Tutor-marked assignments) has just started last night. It will close 16th November. Students will NOT bother to do the needful until 15th November when they over choke the servers because everyone is rushing to submit. Server gets DOS and students start shouting fire on DMIS Management, VC and VC’s pet cat.

“The moment I got the TMA3 alert, I sent it to DSS – because we have INSIDERS, wailers and naysayers being remotely controlled by selfish inside interests to the students to write that TMA3 has leaked, portal not working and all that…clear message to hackers, saboteurs, naysayers, remote-controllers: F**K you….”

Interview Confidential made several efforts to reach the VC, including calls to the Director of Press, but the calls and enquiries were either unanswered or evaded.

One of the paragraphs read: “Either join the fun, or shut up and hold your peace till 11th February 2021 when you can burn the place down if those in it will allow you. Me? I have already booked my flight out of Abuja that day. Sanyonara. Hasta la vista, baby.”

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