Glimpse Of The ‘Other Room’?

Read more about how President Muhammadu Buhari’s prank at his polling unit during February 23 presidential election is telling of his ‘other’ side, especially where his wife, Aisha is concerned.

Interview Confidential: brings you stories behind the news
Interview Confidential: brings you stories behind the news

Those quick to accuse President Muhammadu Buhari of being too stiff must have had a rethink following a video that went viral shortly after he cast his ballot alongside his wife, Aisha, in his native Daura, Katsina on February 23.

As he made to drop his ballots in the designated INEC boxes after thumb printing, Buhari was shown stopping and within a split second stealing a glance at a ballot held by Aisha.

As if to confirm that she truly voted “APC”.

On becoming aware of the “spying”, smiling Aisha unfolded the paper, as if to convince her husband that even though she may have been unsparing in her public criticism of his administration, love would never make her vote against him, no matter what.

But to the mischievous, that little prank by Buhari is quite indicative of the sort of humorous stunts the president pulls when alone with his wife, forget the picture of shyness painted when in public.

Definitely, that picture will be etched in public memory for a long time.

Peace At Last Between Gomina And Distinguished Madam

Blessed are the peace-makers, says the holy Bible, for they shall inherit the kingdom of God. Such has been the common refrain lately among country folks in an ancient province following the resolution of a bitter “bolekaja” (Yoruba for street fight) between a prominent son and distinguished daughter of the soil.

By way of clarification, it is the province in the Niger Delta famous for the epicurean, of the bewitching damsels and whose catcalls would ordinarily set any warm-blooded bloke weak in the groin.

Still can’t figure out? Its present capital is where the famous white female missionary of the colonial epoch helped to bring to an historic end the primitive practice of slaying twins.

Actually, no one can say what exactly caused the “roforofo” between the Gomina of the province and the big madam – an ageless beauty, whose last major political outing was at the talk-talk chamber in the Rocky city.

On account of her activist crusade for her people displaced by the war between Nija and her French-speaking neighbour, this Amazon of a lady easily had earned a nickname that sounds like the disputed ancestral land.

By the way, the Oga Gomina, known for his own boyish swagger, is vertically challenged. From what we gathered, he quite took offence when told that his rather brief looks was being mocked behind him by the Distinguished madam. That “yabis”, we gathered, really got to him. His ego was seriously wounded.

To vent his anger, he then dispatched his goons from the White House to go raid madam’s mansion and recover an SUV he earlier gifted her as one of the state “leaders”.

He did not stop there. Oga was said to have also sent words to the Distinguished madam that his next attack would be below the belt.

It was at that point that “concerned elders” in the province decided to weigh in. After the initial bluff, Oga eventually agreed to sit with Oga Madam at the peace parley.

Long story short, after both combatants had poured out their hearts, the elders made them bury the hatchet right there and embrace each other in a symbolic gesture of reconciliation. As a mark of goodwill, Oga Gomina then ordered that the impounded SUV be returned to Oga madam.

Hmmm. Truly, nothing compares to peace.

Smart Move By The Oil Man

When the wheeling-dealing oil man recently announced his decision to offload his stake in the retail end of the oil business and concentrate offshore, many were inclined to suspect that he might have begun to lose it mentally. Reason being that that segment of the value chain guarantees more cash-flow.

Can’t recognise him? The one that is a bit loquacious in the acclaimed centre of excellence, noted for his all-white ensemble all the time and whose illustrious Papa once called the shots at the helms of affairs there.

But far from being imprudent, our friend is actually making a very smart move, from market intelligence available to us.

The truth is that our friend has been haunted all these years by someone laying claims to the stake he currently controls in the retail-end and the matter, from what we gathered, will soon be decided at the temple of justice.

So, not wanting to take chances, our friend has decided to offload their stake. But what remains unclear yet is how he hopes to convince anyone to buy, since it is a moot point in law that anyone who purchases now does so at their own risk.

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