Bayo Omoboriowo: From Street Hawking To Presidential Photographer

When it comes to chronicling moments and telling stories in a captivating manner with photographs, his name readily comes to mind. Bayo Omoboriowo, a University of Lagos graduate of Pure and Applied Chemistry-turned photojournalist and documentary photographer is no small fish in Nigeria’s photography industry.

How Bayo, a one-time sachet water hawker at Mushin market, worked his way from the most popular slum in Nigeria, to prominence as the official photographer of President Muhammadu Buhari is a remarkable story that encourages young folks that hard work, focus and determination pay.

Of course, Bayo did not become the official photographer of Nigeria’s president by a stroke of luck. He paid his dues and carved out a niche for himself as a professional photographer.

He was a finalist at the Nigerian Professional Photography Awards 2011, second runner-up at the AAF-Etisalat Amateur Photography competition 2012, and won first prize at the NACCP Climate Change photo contest in 2012.

Bayo’s passion and dexterous use of camera to capture moments and keep memories alive make him one of the youngest important figures in the Nigerian president’s entourage.  Indeed, Bayo’s story is one of from grass to grace, made possible through hard work, commitment and passion for excellence.

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