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Pushkar Camel Fair

When: November 2-11, 2017

Where: Pushkar, India

Come for the camels, stay for the country fair atmosphere – but India-style, with snake charmers, fortune tellers, dancers, musicians, magicians and holy men, all under the auspicious autumn full moon. Visit the market stalls, check out the camel trading tent, watch a Camel Beauty Contest or a camel race, have a curry or two, and while you’re at it, take a dip in Pushkar Lake at dawn; doing so is said to absolve one’s sins.

For more info: https://www.amexessentials.com/worldwide-events-festivals-november-2016/


It’s The Ship

When:  November 4-7, 2017

Where: Departs from Singapore

There’s nothing better than being on a boat …except being on a boat that doubles as a floating music festival. Take your run-of-the-mill music events with its all-night raves, but add a climbing wall, a surfing simulator, an ice rink, a casino and a beach party in Langkawi – plus all your meals AND 24-hour room service included in your ticket price – and you’ve got yourself one heck of a unique festival experience.

For more info: https://www.amexessentials.com/worldwide-events-festivals-november-2016/


Cape Town Bierfest 2017

When:  November 3 -4, 2017

Where: Cape Town

South Africa’s biggest beer festival just got bigger for 2017! Now housed in a 4000 seater Bavarian Brauhaus adorned with authentic décor from the Motherland, Bierfest Cape Town takes place on the weekend of 3 -4 November 2017 at the GrandWest Casino and Entertainment World.

The Bierfest, which has grown exponentially since its inception, has jugs-upon-jugs beer up for the drinking. As Always, the event is sponsored by South African Breweries and aims to bring not only Bavarian beer, but the cuisine and way of life to Cape Town.

Expect the stomp-inducing tub thumping tuba, courtesy of the Oompah band. If you’re up for some Oktoberfest-inspired activities, test your strength and skill against an array of traditional challenges, including beer pong, cow milking, an array of audience participation games and ‘best dressed’ competitions.

For more info: https://www.sleeping-out.co.za/events/cape-town-bierfest


The Regent Street Motor Show

When: November 4, 2017

Where: Regent Street, Regent Street, London, W1B 5SJ

From Piccadilly Circus to Oxford Circus, the capital’s world-famous Regent Street will be closed to through traffic so it can, once again, host the annual Regent Street Motor Show, the UK’s largest free-to-view motoring extravaganza. Three hundred cars from the past, present and future go on display as 120-year old classics are parked up alongside the latest zero emission electric models. Held the day before the Bonhams London to Brighton Veteran Car Run, the motor show includes around 100 of the cars vying for the honours. Added to all this are stage shows, street entertainment by dance troupes and a motorcycle stunt team, making it an exciting day out for car fans.

For more info: http://www.londontown.com/LondonInformation/Underground_Stations/Embankment/5f44/


Kenu and Kundu Festival

When: November 4-6, 2017

Where: Alotau, Papua New Guinea
Live music, traditional dancing, craft displays and drama performances all set the mood for this celebration of customary Papuan ways of live, but it’s the impeccably crafted kundu drums and canoes that steal the show. Though not a centuries-old event deeply rooted in tradition (the festival was founded in 2003), it’s still an immersive way to experience the vibrant culture of the region.

For more info: https://www.amexessentials.com/worldwide-events-festivals-november-2016/


Nigeria’s Next Super Model 2017 GRAND Finale

When: November 18, 2017

Where: Durban Hotel, Ogba, Ikeja

In the search for Africa’s finest, Nigeria is joining the rest of the world to find Nigeria’s Nest Super Model in a Reality TV Show Nigeria’s Next Super Model Reality TV show. Contestants must be between the ages of 16 and 26.

For more info: http://eventnownow.com/city/lagos/event/lagos-international-trade-fair/


Räbechilbi Turnip Festival

When: 12 November

Where: Richterswil, Switzerland

When it comes to vegetable popularity, turnips don’t really get a lot of airtime, but there’s one town in Switzerland that’s determined to change that. Richterswil, a town on the shores of Lake Zürich, throws an annual shindig in honour of this much-maligned root vegetable, though the emphasis isn’t on eating them – it’s on carving them. The one-day festival features outdoor concerts and a small market peddling local specialties, while the highlight is a procession of floats adorned with 26 tonnes of turnips carved into every imaginable shape, from tigers and flowers to intricate, larger-than-life cuckoo clocks. The best part is that these veggie sculptures are all lit up with thousands of candles as they’re paraded through town, turning the humble turnip into the stuff of fairy tales.

For more info: https://www.amexessentials.com/worldwide-events-festivals-november-2016/


Africa International Film Festival

When: November 13-20, 2017

Where: Lagos, Nigeria

AFRIFF’s major objective? “To reflect a common true African identity and re-establish Africa as an original home to all.” Their weapon of choice? Film. By investing in emerging talents and providing a forum in which to share their projects, the organisation takes an active role in supporting the growth of a fledgling industry with the potential to reveal so much about – and to improve – lives across the continent.

For more info: https://www.amexessentials.com/worldwide-events-festivals-november-2016/

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