Old wives’ salacious tales


When the old soldier decided to serenade his psychedelic madam in the centre of excellence recently, it was expectedly a roll call of who’s who in the old moneyed class; from retired politicos to the faded beauties and the failed contractors. 

On the sidelines that day, we were however privileged to eavesdrop on a rather hot gossip by a group of old super mamas about the old soldier’s escapades in the days of his youth. What prompted this would seem the bizarre friendship between the celebrant of the day and the old soldier’s old flame.

Still can’t recognize him? The one who was third-in-command while the Ota chicken farmer was the Oga Patapata of the kingdom and had retired into a life of sheer opulence after a glorious career in the nation’s fighting force. Today, he is living off vast fortune from dealing in the liquid black gold. 

His fair-skinned madam, by the way, hails from the land of the Igodomigodo.

Curiously, the same madam is today quite close to the super mama better known today for her affiliation to the oil-rich peninsular ceded to a foreign kingdom that neighbours our South South shore – the one who later became romantically linked to the famous nosey parker killed through a mystery explosive package many, many years ago.

In his “active” days – before retirement from the nation’s fighting force that is, the old soldier was smitten by the latter and had countless memorable moments together, it was learnt.

So the part that really caught our ears while the old mamas chattered away was what happened on the eve of the day the softie General was toppled from the palace over four decades ago. Of course, the old soldier played a key role in the operation.

But that is not the gist. One of the old wives whispered that she heard that the old soldier, not sure of what tomorrow would bring, decided to visit his Juliet before the operational zero-hour. What a “vigorously” memorable session it was.


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