Adeola Osunkojo; Celebrating Life with Art


For Osunkojo, a dancer, teenage actress and playwright, venturing into TV/film writing, producing and directing marked a major positive turn around in her career as she has morphed into a reputable multi-award winning TV/film producer.

From creating ideas, writing, directing and producing content for television, online and screen comedy, drama, reality and documentary, Osunkojo, through sheer hard work and resilience, has earned several directing credits on different TV shows as a professional. 

The year 2016 seemed to be quite a fruitful year for Osunjoko as one of the works she directed, The Life of a Nigerian Couple, was among the first to be featured at the African Short Film Festival, hosted by the Department of African and African American Studies at Harvard University. Also, she won the Film and TV Director of the Year award for the EbonyLife TV Sisterhood Awards and The Future Awards Africa & Ebonylife Prize For Screen Producer.

Indeed, Osunkojo represents the generation of young Nigerian women whose success in a field dominated by men encourages the female folk to realize that their gender is not a barrier to whatever they dream to achieve in life.

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