Four Shades of Love At Valentine – Tasos Amanatidis


Tasos Amanatidis

Director of Operations at Leventis Food

What does love mean to you and how would you describe it?            

At this age and after 18 years of marriage, love means family, respect, solidarity, friendship, accountability and truthfulness

When you first met your wife, what trait did you see in her, the most exciting aspect of him personality, that made you want her in your life?

Apart from the beauty (that is always a motivation), it was the instinct that, somehow, after so many, she was the one.

How did you know that she was The One?

I trusted my instinct that she will never let me down in any way, and she never did..

What does Valentine’s Day mean to you?

Absolutely nothing.

If your wife doesn’t give you a gift on Valentine ’s Day, what would you do?

If she does, or on other hand I do, then it means we have something on the side.

Who do you believe is the dominant one in your relationship and why?

She is, since she’s the weaker one and I’m the accommodating one. In most cases, if she does not want something to happen, it does not. But both parties have a small freedom to do some small things for themselves. In family matters, the decision in major things is common.

What is the one thing that your wife does that drives you crazy?

Panics and worries deeply over the most ridiculous things and 100 different ones that usually never happen. Also she is the definition of pessimism whilst I am the opposite.

What is the one thing that would be a relationship breaker for you?


Which love song would you pick to serenade your wife?

A Greek one that would be Chinese to you, but it’s not in English; the song is ‘Amor from Nino’ (Spanish).

Which movie title best describes your relationship?

The Notebook

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