Why I Won’t Leave Super Falcons Yet – Onome Ebi

Super Falcons defender, Onome Ebi, speaks on her team’s inability to qualify for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Super Falcons Defender, Onome Ebi / Photo credit: Twitter
Super Falcons Defender, Onome Ebi / Photo credit: Twitter

Super Falcons defender, Onome Ebi, speaks to The Interview on her team’s inability to qualify for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Excerpt…

How does it feel not qualifying for the Olympics and losing out to Cote d’Ivoire?

It feels bad because we have been looking forward to the Olympic Games after not qualifying for like two times. We were really focusing on making it this time, but it was unfortunate that we are not going to Tokyo again, really sad.

Some of the foreign based professionals including yourself were absent during the game, would you say that was part of the problems?

What we heard was that the competition was not an NFF project; that it was more of the ministry of sports affair and that they could only invite like six professionals for the game.

We had so many defenders back home in Nigeria who could easily fill into the slot. That’s why I could not make it.

There were squabbles within the team before the qualifier with change of captain and coach and people are claiming this affected the preparation; what’s your take on that?

I don’t think anyone will say we failed to qualify because of change of captain. But you could, maybe, attribute it to change of coach because he had been with the team for quite a while and knew what he wanted.

Bringing another coach with just two weeks away to a major game; you should not expect too much from the team.

A new coach coming in doesn’t know much about the strength of the team unlike someone who had been there for long.

However, it is a game, you win some and lose some. We have taken it in its stride and already moved on.

What can you say about China?

China is super, exciting, loving and everything you can think of.

Can you describe your season in China and are we expecting a move?

Definitely, I am still in China and the good thing is that I already signed an extension to my contract so I will be going back to my current club.

Five world cups appearances, four nations cup titles and several accolades, when is Onome calling it quits?

People have been asking me that question and my answer is that everything is up to God. If I am still fit and playing at top level,

I will continue to play, not that I will block the way for those coming behind. But I know I can continue to bring value to the team with my experience. I am still good, but when I see that I am getting tired, I can then retire.

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