Baba, Corruption And Ethnic Balancing


The worst set of ingrates seem to inhabit the space called naija. First, when the new Sheriff arrived the rocky castle two years ago, he promised to battle sleaze and slime specialists to a standstill. On that score, Baba has applied every fiber of his being all the way; not just stepping on toes, but chopping off some when and where possible. 

It is because of this tough task, some would say, that Baba became so enfeebled prematurely that he has had to spend the better part of this year with his physician on the other side of the Atlantic.

Given this, you would think his countrymen would be full of pity, if not praise, for Baba. Rather, the “enemies of progress” have continued to spread the satanic gist that the fight against graft is selective. That Baba not only spares but, in fact, pampers some sacred cows (Ha! That word again). Just imagine!!

One good example is the case involving our “grass-cutter” friend. Remember him? The inner-inner circle member who decided to “chop” the cowries meant to mow the grass where long-suffering victims of Boko Haram were supposed to be sheltered.

If Baba had his way, these busybodies insist, the “grass-cutter” would still be sitting in his high office at the Rocky castle today. Recall when the alarm was first raised, a clean bill of health was issued for our friend where it was argued that he was not given fair hearing by the good-for-nothing muckrakers at the Red Chamber. Then, the smoking gun was unveiled. Still, the attitude from the Rocky castle was “see no evil, punish no evil”.

Baba, they say, never forgets those who stood by him all the donkey years he wandered in the wilderness in pursuit of elusive power. Recall that the other day, whereas everyone was saying the new Sheriff was “too slow” to ever dream of a second term, this “grass-cutter” of a man was the one who, without fear, belled the cat by publicly declaring that there was no vacancy at the Rocky Villa at all; that Baba would run in the next race. 

But the music changed when millions of greenback was uncovered in a swanky apartment in the Centre of Excellence. And all fingers pointed at the “Oga at the top” of the spy agency.

Confronted with the weight of evidence, Baba needed no further consultation to realize a gross misconduct had occurred. 

It was at this point that they said Baba found himself in a tight corner. One, the spy chief happens to hail from the southern part of the kingdom. Oga patapata reportedly confided in the remnants of his inner-inner circle that that there was no way he could continue to shield the grass-cutter who hails from the northern part and boot out the spy chief without further fueling ethnic tension in the land.

That was how, against all previous assurance of invincibility, the hitherto almighty “grass-cutter” found himself thrown out of the window unceremoniously, according to the busy-bodies.

Well, we know purveyors of the story are part of the “wailing wailers”. The reason why we are first to deny the satanic tale on behalf of Baba’s publicists. 

The Interview Editors

Written by The Interview Editors

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