Sacking ‘Under The Influence’

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We have certainly not heard the last of the jaw-dropping tales of sleaze, debauchery and absurdities that took place under the fedora hat-wearing former tenant of the Rocky Villa. The one just reaching us borders on farce. Due to the fact that our friend often indulged in undiluted hard liquor, not a few big decisions were naturally taken or critical files signed while he was UI (under the influence). A classic example is the unceremonious removal of the head of the dreaded agency that catches white-collar robbers; not the one fired by the “new Sheriff in town”, the Big Mama before him. When Oga Madam was removed years back, many were surprised, because they did not see it coming. True, the psychedelic mama was linked to the notorious oil sheik who escaped justice in Nigeria but eventually found himself in prison in the Queen’s Land, alongside his missus and mistress. But we refuse to believe the insinuations of romance between the two by some busybodies. The day Oga Madam’s file was brought forward, we gathered, Oga was “high”. Without any questions, he fished out his red fountain pen and appended his trademark scrawl (his signature). Then, the next day when he had sobered up, he screamed when the electronic media announced as a “breaking story” madam’s sack. Banging his table, Oga was said to have summoned the relevant aides to explain what was happening to him. In halting cadence, he reportedly hollered, “Enough of this nonsense! You people have to explain to me who is the boss here!” But when confronted with his signature in the authorising memo, Oga said in a low tone, “Really?”

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