Madam Minister Did More Than ‘The Needful’

It doesn’t matter what you say about her, no fair-minded critic can accuse of this former minister of not knowing how to spread butter on her bread. When she wasn’t busy remodelling the airports – which entailed throwing buckets of paint at collapsing walls – she was busy obtaining exotic bulletproof cars or cutting sweetheart deals with foreign airlines on landing slots.


Interview Confidential gathered that in one of the deals with a national carrier from the Land of Samba, she was paid $1million for a slot in Abuja and collected similar hefty bribes from an airline in Her Majesty’s country, also for slots in Abuja. Word filtered out that the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) might soon shine its light on the remodelling gravy train that could not even guarantee regular power supply at the country’s major airports.



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