Be Ready For Leadership, Buhari Charges Youth

President Muhammadu Buhari has told Nigerian youths that they would certainly take control of the reins of power one day.

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President Muhammadu Buhari has told the Nigerian youth to brace up for leadership since they would have to lead the country someday.

President Buhari, who made this statement while receiving All Progressives Congress (APC) youth leaders from the six geo-political zones on Friday, also noted that it was the duty of Nigerian youth to shun ethnic, religious and regional interest to stabilise the country.

“Whether we like it or not, we will someday handover to Nigerian youths. And you have to brace up for leadership”, he said.

The President stated that to prepare themselves to lead a country like Nigeria, the youth must keep a broader view of the country by preaching religious and ethnic unity.

He noted that having learnt a bitter lesson from the 1967-1970 Civil War, people preparing for leadership roles must not allow anyone to deceive them by promoting disunity among Nigerians.

“Some interest groups will come up with ethnic, religious issues, but you have to look at the broader picture.

“We had a civil war that consumed over two million Nigerians, and we learnt our lessons. Nigeria is one country, and no one should take our firmness for granted”, Buhari told the youths.

He also recalled how he joined politics, saying that he took the decision after coming of out jail, post the 1985 military coup.

Buhari added that his background was checked and it was discovered that he committed no crime while serving as petroleum minister, military governor and head of state.

“After I was released and nothing was found on me I took interest in politics. This is what pushed me into partisan politics; to serve with integrity.

“So, I decided to try leadership as a civilian, after taking off the military uniform”, the President said.

Buhari also spoke about his second term, reiterating his promise to strengthen the anti-corruption war of his regime, build the economy and tackle insecurity.

He added, “I am currently serving my last term in office. I swore by the constitution to defend the country, and I will do the needful for the country.”

The youths were led to the Villa by the APC National Youth Leader, Mr Sadiq Abubakar.

He said the visit was to congratulate Buhari on his re-election for a second term in 2019 and to pledge the youths’ continued support for his regime.

Abubakar urged the President to give young people more appointments in his regime.

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