Fidelity Bank MD Flies Unusual Style

Read more about the Managing Director of Fidelity Bank, Mr. Nnamdi Nwankwo’s uncommon flying habit…

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Since Tuesday afternoon when Interview Confidential got the information, we have been wondering if this is a foretaste of what would come among his peers or if it was just a one-off.

In the not-too-distant past, bank chief executives competed with one another on living the life. CEOs whose banks did not have a modest fleet of jets like Zenith, for example, flew to Abuja on chartered private jets, which cost just N200,000 only for a round trip.

But things appear to be changing. Or so they seem. On Tuesday, the Managing Director of Fidelity Bank, Mr. Nnamdi Nwankwo, fly from Abuja to Lagos on the Aero Contractor midday service, and wait for this – on economy class!

As our informant looked over his shoulder, just to be sure – well, there he was, the MD himself on Seat # 5B! We’re fidelity…we’ll give more, soon,

Written by The Interview Editors

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