Oluwaseun Osowobi Ayodeji: No To Rape

That rape victims are stigmatised and sentenced to suffer the trauma of rape in silence in our clime should deter anyone from sharing their rape experience with the public. But it is not so for Oluwaseun Osowobi Ayodeji.

 After surviving rape as a National Youth Service Corps member on a national electoral assignment, Ayodeji rose above the shame, stigma and psychological trauma of being raped and not getting justice, her personal experience spurred her to lead an advocacy that provides succour and justice for rape victims and get them justice.

Consequently, she founded Stand To End Rape Initiative, STERI, a youth-led Not-for-Profit Organisation advocating against sexual violence, providing prevention mechanisms and supporting survivors with psycho-social services.

 Her consistent advocacy against rape and sexual violence made her one of the young voices taking pragmatic steps to curtail this societal menace in Nigeria. 

Written by The Interview Magazine

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