Illicit drugs and the spoilt kids


Forget his acting macho publicly in the state with the fabled knowledge fountain or peppering the ailing Abuja Sheriff with his sharp tongue, our friend could sometimes be a softie, especially in matters of the daughters of Eve.

Such was the drama that played out in the stately manor where our Gomina friend holds court in the state noted for having the highest Ph.D. holders per capita and whose compact capital is almost bursting at the seams with multiple institutions of higher learning. 

With his athletic build, our friend is undoubtedly a lady’s man. Whenever he cruises around the capital, damsels of all shapes and colours literally throw themselves at him. Expectedly, those who catch his fancy sometimes get invited over to the Gomina’s lair later, though we cannot say for sure whether anything else usually happens after the cocktail of drinks amid a medley of hip-hop songs.

Typically, our friend will defend such dalliance as part of politics “because women account for the swing votes, apart from being more loyal than the male folds”. He will readily swear that there is nothing between them as most of these damsels are his own children’s age mates.

Well, well, we are unable to independently confirm this. Please, don’t laugh.

Of course, he never fails to give them TF (transport fare) after such visit.

But our friend got the shocker of his life recently when he invited some young female undergrads over. These ones, we gathered, attended the elitist ivory tower in town owned by an elder statesman with a maverick sartorial taste. 

It turned out that his programme for the day was crowded. Not to worry, these young ladies were asked to feel at home at one of the guest chalets until Oga was less busy. 

Eventually, Oga came down later that evening. But he almost fainted at what he saw after turning the doorknob. The lounge was smoke-filed as the girls were all puffing away, with some half-undressed.

When he recovered his composure, Oga, we gathered, screamed at the girls: “Stop this nonsense! Where do you think you are?”

Turning to his security aides, he quipped: “Show them the way out of this place!”

That was how the wayward girls missed their own TF that day.

The Interview Editors

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