Theodora Mogo: An award for beauty


How far can one ever go with making up faces and fixing hairstyles? Well, very far if you were Theodora Mogo. For every young person out there who has ever believed in not just dreaming about also chasing the dream, as well acquiring the relevant skills to make the dreams come true, Mogo’s story will continue to inspire. 

Unlike many of her peers, she turned her back on white-collar jobs, determined that entrepreneurship was the way to go, and followed her passion for make-up.  Her love for make-up began from childhood, and she cultivated it all through, taught herself the professional skill and even offered free make-up services to her friends and loved ones, all for the love of the art.

After graduating from Babcock University, she set out to pursue a career in the make-up business, partnering with Doranne Beauty, a make-up and skin care company.  Little wonder then that she won The Future Awards Africa Prize for Beauty in 2016.

Of course, she might not be the richest among contemporaries, but she certainly belongs to that group of few audacious young Nigerians who have become self-sufficient and as well created employment opportunities for others by turning their passions into profitable enterprises. 

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