Four Shades of Love At Valentine – Lolu Akinwunmi, frpa


Lolu Akinwunmi, frpa

Group CEO, Prima Garnet Africa

What does love mean to you and how would you describe it?

Love is about passionate affection, being profoundly tender, with and about a person, and in this case, the opposite sex. It’s a feeling of warm, personal attachment and deep affection. Sometimes it manifests in sexual passion or desire.

When you first met your wife, what trait did you see in her, the most exciting aspect of him personality, that made you want her in your life?

We met at an event, and so it wasn’t about character first. It was physical. I saw a tall and beautiful person. I have always been attracted to tall people. Even from distance and when we were introduced, I saw a very gentle person with an easy personality. Over time and as we dated and spent time together, I saw in her a lot of caring attitude, selflessness, honesty, godliness and seriousness.

How did you know that she was The One?

Both of us were serious Christians and we prayed together. We both knew by the leading of the Holy Spirit that we were right for each other.

What does Valentine’s Day mean to you?

I know in a specific sense that the day is supposed to be a special one for lovers and for the expression of love and affection. However, over time, it has been abused and bastardised and has lost these values. So, it means nothing to me actually. I believe that, mentally and emotionally, I have risen above this level of expression. I love my wife every time, and express it all the time. I therefore don’t have any need for a separate day for this.

If your wife does not give you a gift on Valentine’s Day, what would you do?

She will not because we don’t have the tradition, and I will not expect any. We have no issues with this at all.

Who do you believe is the dominant one in your relationship and why?

None. I am the head of the family and she plays a very strong supportive role. No one dominates anybody. Domination is negative.

What is the one thing your wife does that drives you crazy?

Nothing drives me crazy. Of course, as a human, she must sometimes do some things I don’t like, and I suppose it’s the same with her. But you have to understand that there are reasons why we do some of the things we do. Has she had a bad day at work, etc.? As long as I do not see or perceive malice, I can live with it as we discuss and resolve such issues.

What is the one thing that would be a relationship breaker for you?

Can’t think of anything at this point. I don’t want to be hypothetical or academic, so I take that question to mean what she would do to be a relationship breaker between us. We have stayed together for so long that I know what she would not do. We met in 1984 and got married in 1989.

Which love song would you pick to serenade your wife?

I love Lionel Richie’s ‘Hello’, and she knows I do. Indeed she knows I am a big fan of the artiste.

Which movie title best describes your relationship?

I am afraid I hardly watch movies; I rather read a lot. One of the challenges I have with movies is I have to wait till the end to know how it ends. With a book, I simply go to the last chapters. I sometimes sleep at movies!

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