Nobody Can Stop Me. My Campaign Continues – Jimoh Ibrahim


The candidate of the Modu Sheriff faction of the Peoples Democratic Party, Mr. Jimoh Ibrahim, who was removed by a ruling of the Court of Appeal today, granted a telephone interview with The Interview during which he vowed that the fight was not over:

What is your response to the ruling of the Court of Appeal?

There is nothing to respond to. The court did not make a consequential order asking INEC to remove my name; so nobody can remove my name from the ballot. The judgment is very vague; it is nebulous and ambiguous. INEC cannot dare to remove my name.

What will you do if it removes your name?

INEC will pay billions of naira in damages if it dares to do that. What will it be acting on? There is no consequential order. The order is empty; it’s an empty voyage of discovery!

What is your next line of action? The election is holding on Saturday.

I’m continuing my campaign. Nobody can stop me.


Yes. I’ll invite you to the victory party on Sunday, after the election.

The Interview Editors

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